Maremma Beaches

Fattoria Maremmana is located in a strategic position that allows you to reach the most beautiful beaches of the Tyrrhenian coast. The surroundings of the Fattoria promise you an environment that will wrap you in an atmosphere rich in natural beauties and relaxation at its highest. Large stretches of fine sand alternate with intimate and wild coves protected by the Tombolo pinewood, which, from North to South, stretches between the towns of Castiglione Della Pescaia and Marina di Grosseto.

Maremma tourist itineraries

The Maremma is an exclusive area where a deep sense of respect for nature has always gone in for the skilful man’s work, which has been able to promote the territory, adapting it to modern needs, but at the same time preserving its environmental heritage. In the unique setting of the Maremma, where nature gets along perfectly with a palpable memory of the ancient history, you will discover gorgeous surroundings, seduced by a calm that will allow you to forget the frenzy and chaos of everyday life. Fattoria Maremmana is the perfect place to welcome and satisfy all your needs, shrouded as it is by the magical nature of the Maremma, waiting for you to spend unforgettable days. A holiday at Fattoria Maremmana allows you to enjoy the sea, the charming hidden coves and the vast beaches, as well as to experience the wilderness, breathing its special air. Do not forget that in Maremma, reserves, parks and oases stretch out to 40,000 hectares and are part of an area that stands out for the variety and richness of its natural environments.

Bike & sport holidays in Maremma
In Maremma you breathe Sport.

Among the services offered by Fattoria Maremmana, you can also enjoy a perfect organization for those who want to do sport even on holiday. All those tourists who love sport will be extremely satisfied. Distributed on its territory, in fact, there are several sports facilities with the possibility of practicing tennis, football, golf in exclusive golf courses and even baseball, horse riding, archery and many excursions by mountain bike, trekking on foot or on horseback.


Maremma Natural Spas
A land of Natural SPAs.

Our guests who love relaxation and well-being will have a very good reason to visit our land. Agriturismo Maremma, Fattoria Maremmana and their immediate surroundings provide dream locations; we are in fact close to the heart of the spas of Tuscany. Just in this area, among gentle hills and fields that run down to the sea, there are spas known throughout the world, such as Terme di Saturnia, Terme di Petriolo and Terme di Venturina.

Gastronomy in Maremma
The Maremma Cuisine.

Famous for its simple dishes, but extremely rich in flavours that offer high-level dining experiences. A cuisine still extremely rooted in the ancient origins of today, prepared with simple and natural ingredients and local products, cultivated carefully by expert hands, thanks to the intelligent policy of promotion of this territory that this area has been carrying out for many years. The traditional cuisine of Maremma, prepared with both meat and fish, is then paired with great wines, appreciated and exported all over the world, produced in the Maremma area either.

Art Towns in Maremma
The Maremma moves you. Towns and history.

It is a perfect place to admire views of gentle hills embellished by silvery olive groves and endless vineyards, wild pinewoods and knolls from which you can enjoy memories of old villages, as well as small towns with stone houses and tiny squares. The Tuscan Maremma is a land that shows evidence of its long history, millennial culture and art, in every corner, by means of towns like Tirli, Vulci, Roselle, Vetulonia, not to mention Grosseto and the not-far City of Tufa.