Bike & sport holidays in Maremma
In Maremma you breathe sport.

Distributed on its territory, in fact, there are several sports facilities with the possibility of practicing tennis, football, golf in exclusive golf courses and even baseball, horse riding, archery and many excursions by mountain bike, trekking on foot or on horseback. For sports enthusiasts who love the sea, then, there are endless choices: schools and equipment rental service will allow you to go sailing, wakeboarding, surfing and kite surfing. The sea of Castiglione is splendid even under its surface, so here is diving with qualified staff, who will lead the diving enthusiasts to visit this beautiful seabed.




In the unique setting of the Maremma, where nature gets along perfectly with a palpable memory of the ancient history, you can go in search of old paths, retracing the only existing roads in the past. Trekking is a physical activity, which enables you to go and discover unknown lands on foot, whether in the city, the sea and the mountains. A holiday in Castiglione Della Pescaia allows you to leave your hotel in the morning and climb through exceptional paths that will arouse, without a doubt, intense emotions. The scenarios that will appear in front of your eyes will be fascinating and charming. On the coast, you will plunge into the Mediterranean scrubland, strolling through the shade of majestic pines, and when you cross the hills overlooking the sea, the view, ranging from the Tuscan Archipelago to the beaches of the Maremma Park, will leave you breathless. As you walk into the inland area, the vegetation changes, displaying woods of oaks and corks, and then, on the high hills, holly oaks and chestnut trees, which provide shelter to several wildlife species that inhabit the area, as wild boars, foxes, hares, roe deer and many others. You will enjoy landscapes that will open up infinite spaces, from the sea to the Maremma plain, up to the Diaccia Botrona nature oasis, with its water surfaces on which it is possible to distinguish the pink flamingos or admire the flight of a majestic hawk predator.




The territory of Castiglione della Pescaia and the Maremma in general lends itself very well to the beautiful bike tours. HIKING BY BIKE AND MTB Castiglione della Pescaia: There are nature trails that unroll on dirt roads, which will make you experience the thrill of ‘adventure on two wheels , surrounded by the charm of unspoiled nature. Among ascents and descents breathtaking feel of being part of the surrounding environment, leading a peaceful struggle between you and the ground which puts you “to the test” and, when you can get distracted from the path, you can admire the spectacular multi-colored landscapes that from time to both open onto the thicket , or take advantage by making a stop at the discovery of the ruins shrouded in vegetation. If the direction is the coast you can also swim in the beautiful waters of the beaches along the coast .The bike is a great entertainment that allows making movement and at the same time to discover the world. If you are not lovers of mountain biking, then you can get on your bike. To ride a bike you do not need it to be super athletes, just adapt the pace to our potential and everyone, from the elderly to children can enjoy the benefits of wonderful walks. A Castiglione della Pescaia routes can be the most different, from villages rich history to the hills immersed in unspoiled nature trails and even climbing on trails that overlook the sea and offer magnificent endless views on Tuscan Archipelago . For fans and not the bike will be an opportunity to discover our country from another perspective.


During your stay by Fattoria Maremmana we strongly suggest you try an experience that is not easily forgotten: a ride in the Mediterranean “on board” the most docile horses to slowly enter into a world of nature , the rhythm of sweet hooves trampling the most diverse terrain, discovering sparkling green and breathtaking landscapes .For those who have never gone horseback this is an opportunity not to be missed. Going up, at every bend and behind every bush, found sounds, colors and scenarios that capture, rays of light that cut the leaf ceilings, natural tunnel in the bush that seem cut from a book of fairies and elves. Then the stain is lowered and behold the spectacle of green hills that run down to the sea, kissed by a thousand shades of color fields. Near Castiglione della Pescaia you can find several stables. There you will find experienced and friendly than a Cicero of the past will accompany you on your walks and reveal all the secrets of the territory you are admiring, do not miss a fantastic walk in the Maremma, horse. We remind you that the passage in the beaches and in natural environments to be previously authorized and permits may be required in the area riding.




Maremma is the ideal place to practice golf. In Castiglione della Pescaia you can play golf at Punta Ala in the famous Golf Club Punta Ala , whose origins date back to 1964. The golf course is one of the most beautiful and renowned in Italy, able to host tournaments of international fame. The field made available to golfers extends for 6,168 meters long with 18 holes, and consists of rolling terrain surrounded by the Mediterranean, is active all year round thanks to the organization of tournaments in both the summer and winter. Services and facilities: club house, bar, restaurant, boutique, cloakroom, equipment rental. Another golf course is to Gavorrano , run by the Golf Club Toscana , it is an 18-hole course, open all year round and set in a beautiful natural setting. An oasis to satisfy the desire for escapism and the taste of the good life. Amenities and Services: bar, restaurant, boutique, driving, rental equipment.




Maremma is the ideal place to find a kitesurfing school , or the Rent a kitesurfing equipment to practice kitesurfing in Tuscany. Kitesurfing is a very recent sport but that is spreading with astonishing rapidity. Even kitesurfing as many water sports was born in Hawaii , where he appeared for the first time in 1998.To practice it is necessary to have a board with a kite called kite , maneuvered by a bar from which the long, thin cables. The special feature of kitesurfing is that it can, however, also be practiced with winds not particularly strong, the important thing is that you Frequently a course with the basics, because otherwise you may be a danger to swimmers. In Castiglione della Pescaia here are schools that allow you to approach this sport in total safety. The shoreline where you practice this discipline is the coastline of Marze , where the condition of the winds and sea currents is ideal to get excited with the kite, but not only, thanks to the presence of protected sea slides, you can have fun without disturbing other swimmers.